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Children's Hope and Voice - "Making a positive difference in a child's life."
Children's Hope and Voice is an all volunteer, child advocacy, non-profit organization
focusing on child welfare, education, and juvenile justice issues in the U.S.A.
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How can I Help?
Adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV) of 10December 1959
  Do you know of a child who needs help?
Do you want or need help?
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Missing and Exploited Children
National Child Abuse Hotline
for reporting and for prevention
1 - 800 - 4 - A - CHILD
Child Welfare
Juvenile Justice
Did you know?
Children as young as 5-yrs-old HANDCUFFED, 
of crimes in the U.S.A?
Stories of amazing kids!
Did you know?

Children as young as
can and have been
in the U.S.A.   and   Do you know what that means for the child?

Coming Soon!
Just for Teens
Did you know?

In the U.S.A.
young children can and have faced
without the possibility of parole!
What is Homeschooling?
What's the law? | Getting Started
Curriculum  |  Scheduling  | 
Support Groups
Did you know?
Young children are 
in the U.S.A?
Did you know?
Children illegals are often held in "detention centers" / jails.
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